You know you are a NICU Mom if:

1-      You automatically do a 3 minute scrub before doing…anything.

2-      You know your baby’s heart rate, breaths per minute, and “sats” at any given time during the day.

3-      You consider the word “Kangaroo” to be a verb.

4-      You really would cry over spilled milk.

5-      You know the definition of any of the following: RDS, PDA, ROP, NEC, PICC, TPN, NG, RT, OT, HUS, etc. etc. etc.

6-      Your idea of going out to eat is leaving the hospital to pick up fast food.

7-      You spend up to 6 hours a day with your best friend.

8-      Your best friend is a breast pump.

9-      You get excited when your baby poops.

10-   You think a 5lb baby is a good size.

11-   You think a 7lb baby is big.

12-   If you have a 5lb baby or a 7lb baby you think he or she is a giant compared to your “neighbors.”

FINALLY— You know you are a NICU mom if you have a little person in your life that you refuse to give up on, that you love unconditionally, and that you just can’t wait to help discover the world beyond the NICU doors.