NICU Family Support Update: Journey Beads

Remembering every detail of a baby’s stay in the NICU is something that most parents think will be easy.  Later they discover that this is nearly impossible!  March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program (MOD NFSP) has provided calendars and stickers to help parents keep track of these important mile-stones, but these are not easy to display and do not make practical keep-sakes. 

Keeping this in mind, in August MOD NFSP began to provide “Journey Beads” for NICU Families.  For each milestone, diagnosis, procedure, or other event, a baby earns a special bead.  The beads are kept on a wire that is finished on each end.  The dates of each earned bead are kept on a sheet that is also sent home with families.   From a one week stay to a six week stay, this is a special way to document a family’s journey throughout the NICU!

Cassie Skalicky, MOD NFSS

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