NICU Family Support Update: Family Centered Care in the NICU

Through a new interactive poster, family members, nurses, and others are asked to express their ideas and experiences of Family Centered Care.  In a NICU setting Family Centered Care is the philosophy that parents and guardians are part of the baby’s medical team.  If you ask 100 people what this looks like you will probably hear 100 different answers.  My challenge is to encourage families to be active in their child’s medical team and show nurses and other staff how much it means to families to do so. 

All team members are asked to drop a note in the box, which will be posted on the wall for all to see!   So far posts have been positive and encouraging!  Currently the board reads:  “Being called ‘Mom’ by the nurses,” “Being encouraged to do my baby’s cares,” “Remembering that each patient is someone’s child,” “Being able to touch my baby and see him when I want to,” and “Being able to call at any time.”  As new comments come in, olds ones are removed, so the board is different nearly every day!