Text Service Provides Motherly Advice

Bismarck, ND 7/3/13 – Kristal Dockter gets baby and motherhood advice right at her fingertips through Text 4 Baby.

“Three times a week, I  get text messages from them, giving helpful information about things that are  going on in your body all the way up to one years old, when the baby turns  one.”

Dockter works at the State Department of Health and signed up  for the free program when it partnered with March for Dimes to promote it.

“It’s very user friendly, a modern  way to get useful information out to the public,” says Docktor.  As a nurse and mother to a six-year-old, Dockter says she was a  hesitant to sign up for the program when she was 12 weeks pregnant with baby  Drayce.  “What would I learn that I  already don’t know?”

But she found the weekly messages kept her on  track for her second baby/  “I kind  of forgot a lot of the stuff to expect at the time, so it was just a nice  reminder for me. ”

Text 4 Baby hits topics ranging from prenatal  care, baby health and parenting. It’ll also offer questions to keep in mind for  the next doctor’s visit, and provides links for further information. About 500,000 mothers in the U.S. are enrolled in Text 4 Baby,  which doesn’t charge any text fees through

Mothers can enroll for Text 4 Baby by texting the word baby to 511-411, or visiting text baby.org.  Click here for the full story from KYFR TV Bismarck.